OCP foster parents have great things to say...


"I love the
24/7/365 support
from OCP staff"

"OCP is family oriented and foster parents are truly a part of the team"

"Foster parent ideas
matter and the staff
at OCP really listen"

You make a difference!


OCP works with children and families involved in juvenile justice, child welfare, mental health and developmental disability service systems. We have the ability to train and support families with kinship, foster care, respite, and adoptive placements. OCP can certify foster parents and can support families where a child is already placed. This support is real - staff are available 24/7/365; because problems in families don't just happen from 9 to 5.

We know that our foster parents play an important role in the lives of foster children and are the key factor for successful treatment outcomes. That is why we provide regular training and support for our foster families.

Would you like to be a foster parent? You may qualify if you:

  • Are 21 years old or older
  • Can pass a background check
  • Have a flexible schedule

Please contact Mary Laws with any questions or inquiries via email at maryl@oregoncp.org , by phone at 541-743-4352, or cell at 541-954-6714